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      Bangkok Advance Technology Co., Ltd - Medical Equipment, Scientific Equipment, Laboratory Glassware, Autopipetts, Centrifuges

      Bangkok Advance Technology Co., Ltd.
      Mr. Nakrop Narkpaijit
      60/166 Moo 12 Soi Ramintra 40, Ramintra Rd.,
      Bangkok 10230
      Tel : 02 944-4945-6
      Fax :02 944-4947

      Bangkok Advanced Technology Co.,Ltd.
      No.2 5th Floor, Madam Place Building
      Kaset-Nawamin Road
      Klongkhun BungKhum
      Bangkok 10230
      Telphone : 66 2 5080035 to 38
      Fax : 66 2 5080039
      E-mail : suphot@batco.co.th  batco@samart.co.th  info@batco.co.th
      Website :
      Bangkok Advance Technology Co., Ltd is a Thai supplier of new and used medical equipment and scientific equipment including laboratory glassware, autopipetts, centrifuges. BATCO is a company based around the medical and scientific industries that is an important sector in any society. Especially in Bangkok where in the past rapid urbanization has increased the need for medical equipment, machines and medicines etc.

      Bangkok Advanced Technology Company Limited was established in April 1997 by a group of young, enthusiastic and professional persons. We saw enough of a potential market to join together each otherís extensive expertise into the current company.

      BATCO has successfully been able to enter the market to sell and advise on a local scale using local suppliers. This contract building exercise has been successful in expanding a good level of recognition for BATCO as a company throughout the Industry.

      Categories: Electrical & Electronics, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Supplies, Scientific Instruments, Glassware

      Products: Autoclaves, Centrifuges, Ductless fume hoods, Gas generator, Freezers Oven, Incubators, Sample preparation, Mini Gel Electrophoresis - Mupid, Ultra Sonic Baths, PCR Water Stills, Shakers, Microplate reader and washer, Water baths, Thermomixers, Laboratory Plastic, Centrifuge Tubes, Micro Centrifuge Tubes with Screw Cap, Culture Tubes, Elisa Plates & Assay Plates, Laboratory Glassware, Erlenmyer Flanks, Beakers, Tubes, Bottles, Magnetie Stirrer, Hotplate Stirrer

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