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Books about Thailand, Books about Cambodia, Books about Southeast Asia - I spent years looking for these books, reading these books and making endless notes, when I was at University. When I came to study here in Thailand in the early nineties I was privileged to read many books in Thai language and enjoy a totally different literary heritage.

What I couldn't read here however was a good novel in English. Good readers were an essential item to be packed in your suitcase prior to do departure. Bookstores were few and far between and second hand bookshops almost non existent, and I am talking only fifteen years ago.

My how things have changed. The major book companies like Asia books have spread there operations. DK book store is still in Siam Square. It is however the Se-Ed book company that has expanded the most rapidly to establish a branch in every supermarket and shopping mall in Bangkok and many up country. I think they sell books in English. I say 'I think' because it is so difficult to get inside.

The aisles between the book shelves are narrow and usually thronged with Thais who go in to pick up and read the latest magazines. I have seen up to 50 people eagerly scanning computer, fashion, auto and even Buddhism magazines and books with maybe a couple of customers at the cash desk.


There are no public libraries in Thailand (that I know of) and the books and magazines are expensive for a Thai's budget. Ah well I will have to keep stuffing them in my suitcase.

A new method of purchasing books has emerged in recent years books online. Most titles of books about Thailand can be bought online through sites like Amazon. I would recommend someone with a little local expertise - Bangkok Book House. They have a fine selection of Thai books and books about Thailand. In Thai and in English. They also have a good handle on what is coming soon. Below is a selection of their books that can be bought online through their website http://www.bangkokbooks.com

If you are a writer looking to publish your book or maybe a book distributor looking for a partnership in Thailand then please email bangkokcompanies@gmail.com with your requests.




My Name Lon - You Like Me?
Author : Derek Sharron & Areerut Sudha
ISBN : 974-92721-5-3
Category : Love & Romance
Pages : 202
Format : 130 x 190 mm
Description : From the age of 14, "My Name Lon...You Like Me?" was my greeting to over 1,000 sex-tourists. My impoverished culture and my mother were the impetus for the sale of my dignity, but my actions saved my sister from the same fate.

  Thai Lite 2
Author : S.Tsow
ISBN : 974-93671-3-8
Category : Asia Inside-Out
Pages : 204
Format : 125 x 195 mm
Description : S. Tsow gives you the lowdown on: Thai nicknames, Thai coeds, Quality tourists, Scum tourists, The Spa experience, Toilets for elephants, Western Romeos, How to get rich in Bangkok, and much more..
  The Butterfly Trap
Author : Dennis Jon
ISBN : 974-93912-4-1
Category : Fiction Asia
Pages : 308
Format : 130 x 210 mm
Description : In hindsight, maybe fluttering off the tour guide's red line wasn't such a good idea. But Jon has neither hindsight nor foresight as his vacation unfolds in real time. Acting without consequence, he discovers that real life is funnier, crazier, and more interesting than fiction, as he encounters crooked tour guides, transvestite karaoke stars, restroom massage gangs, and angels - not with wings and halos, but g-strings and high heels
  Expat Days - Making a life in Thailand
Author : Steve Rosse
Category : Asia Inside-Out
Pages : 232
Format : 125 x 185 mm
  Tai Tai Tales
Author : Sylvie Phillips
Category : Asia Inside-Out
Pages : 200
Format : 125 x 185 mm
Description : I had read all the ex-pat information guides long before I arrived in Shanghai. I knew exactly what to expect. It was only another city after all. I had coped with a year in Bangkok...
Shanghai shouldn't be too much different... But...I was mistaken!
  Bangkok Kiss
Author : David Thompson
Category : Love & Romance
Pages : 320
Format : 135 x 195 mm
  Golf Book Thailand 2006/07
Author :
ISBN : 974-94639-9-4
Category : Golf
Pages : 330
Format : 160 x 240
Description : 330 pages - the most comprehensive golf guide address & phone numbers layout, design, yardage & ratings green fees, service fees & membership ,map & driving instructions, course descriptions by golf pros, professional photographs includes newest courses: Best Ocean, Chiangmai Highlands, Gassan Lake City, Kirimaya, Pattana Sports Club, Suwan Golf
  Missing in Thailand...my husband
Author : Debra Barnard
Category : Fiction Asia
Pages : 348
Format : 140 x 200 mm
Description : Living in Thailand where her ambitious husband works, she discovers the ultimate betrayal. She unearths blackmail, both financial and emotional, as she sees her husband torn apart by guilt and fear. Set in two continents, this is a dark, thought-provoking story which begs answers to the questions - how we may, or may not, cope with the shock of deceit and the ensuing emotional tidal-wave, whether we can really know the person closest to us and if we can ever overcome the watershed of personal loss and tragedy and, do we ever know ourselves?
  English - Thai - The language guide
Author :
ISBN : 974-272-222-6
Category : Language
Pages : 244
Format : A5
Description : The fun way to learn Thai! Colloquial Thai! Explains common phrases you always hear. Extensive chapter about Thai food. Love sick in Thailand? this book gives you insight into the Thai love language. Available everywhere in Thailand
  English - Thai - Tips & Tricks, pocket book
Author :
ISBN : 974-93618-0-6
Category : Language
Pages : 194
Format : A6
Description : The most important words & phrases in the Thai language. With many tips & tricks. Explains common phrases you always hear. Extensive chapter about Thai food. All you have to know!
  English - Thai - Bar Guide
Author : Mark Reynolds
ISBN : 974-619-118-7
Category : Language
Pages : 170
Format : A6
Description : Bar girl small talk. This book will be your guide to the bar scene in Thailand. Bar beer, go-go bars, massage parlour, Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana, bar fine, sex shows, katoeys. Rules to play by...This book covers it all and more...
  English - Thai - Holiday Language Guide
Author :
ISBN : 974-92428-8-2
Category : Language
Pages : 78
Format : A6
Description : Confusing Thai language ? This little book will help you get by in Thailand Explains important phrases you always hear. All you need to know to keep going
  Siam Smile/s...Secrets of the Thais
Author : Hugh Watson
ISBN : 974-93030-8-3
Category : Asia Inside-Out
Pages : 288
Format : 140 x 200 mm
Description : Based on the lighter side of life in Thailand. The theme of Siam Smile/s is the more you can see the funny side of life, the better. The plethora of anecdotes will hopefully lead to a better understanding of this Southeast Asian country. Explains many 'Thai secrets'.
  Even Thai Girls Cry
Author : J.F. Gump
ISBN : 974-93100-4-7
Category : Fiction Asia
Pages : 300
Format : A6
Description : Tippawan Bongkot is a young Thai woman on the run. Life as she knew it, ended the night she caught her fianc? with his lover. Her world collapsed the day she lost her job. Desperate to find work, Tippawan escapes to the resort city of Pattaya hoping that things will change and her bad luck will end. When she meets the farang, a foreigner named Mike, her world does change, but in ways she could have never imagined. Her search for happiness is a haunting adventure not easily forgotten. Walk with Tippawan as she journeys through one year of her incredible life. Discover the love, hate, and intrigue beneath the tranquil surface of everyday Thailand.
  Thai Vignettes
Author : Steve Rosse
ISBN : 974-93439-2-1
Category : Asia Inside-Out
Pages : 230
Format : 125 x 185 mm
Description : Phuket and Beyond. Poignant, ironic, heartbreakingly sad, savagely funny. Brims with a host of keenly-observed characters cast adrift on Phuket's sunny shores and beyond.
  CD & Book English-Thai big version
Author :
ISBN : 974-93728-8-3
Category : Language
Pages : 3 CD
Format : CD / book
Description : Listen to native Thai & English speakers. Teaches you common phrases. Understand & speak colloquial Thai. The fun way to learn the language.

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