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    Post Cancer Reconstruction Surgery

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    Post Cancer Reconstruction Surgery


    Breast Reconstruction Surgery after a mastectomy is a personal choice. Every woman is unique. Her choice depends on many factors such as the type of lifestyle she leads, her body shape and build and numerous personal circumstances and family and relationship issues.

    The plastic surgeon should in an initial consultation discuss with the patient all the available options, the benefits of Breast reconstruction surgery and the risks involved.

    Breast reconstruction should be seen as a complete process rather than a single surgical procedure. It normally takes several surgical procedures to achieve a final complete breast reconstruction. The first step is the reconstruction of a breast mound.

    Secondly adjustments must be made to match up the size and shape to the other breast. These adjustments sometimes require surgery to the other breast to make matching complete. The last part of the process is to reconstruct the nipple-areola area,

    Skin Cancer Reconstruction Surgery
    Due often to direct exposure to the sun's rays over 80% percent of skin cancers appear on the head, neck and lips. Some cancers such as skin cancer, can leave severe disfigurations. When these occur visible areas on the body such as the face, neck, arms or hands Cancer Reconstruction Surgery is often an option to help the patient recoup a more normal appearance and lifestyle.

    Surgery in Thailand Blog

    For more information about medical tourism in Thailand and articles about brow lift surgery in Thailand please visit our Blog Thailand Cosmetic Surgery. Here you will find cosmetic and plastic surgery articles and lists of doctors, hospitals and clinics in Thailand. Read about others who have experienced cosmetic surgery in Thailand and feel free to post your comments and experiences.

    Decision Time

    So you are sure you want to undergo Post Cancer Reconstruction Surgery and you want to do this in Thailand. There are many hospitals and clinics in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand who offer this procedure. Some very  expensive, some less expensive and some cheap (avoid these at all costs) Now search for these medical facilities. Most advertise on the internet. If you have problems finding them send me an email. Bangkok Companies is not a medical tourism company. We cannot arrange your hospital stay or arrange your treatment. What we can offer however are two very special services. Firstly we can help you to find a good doctor to do your procedure and secondly we can be your Bangkok Buddy to ease your path in Bangkok and to be 'here for you' should there be problems or to help you with arrangements if you cannot, or are in no fit position to do this.


    Find a Doctor

    We can offer a special service for prospective patients. Being on the ground here in Bangkok and not being tied down to commission fees or other incentives offered by these medical institutions we can offer impartial advice and help you find the 'right' doctor, plastic surgeon, hospital or clinic.


    Bangkok Buddy

    We have already offered this service to executives who come to Bangkok on business. Now we have a similar system where we can meet you and be 'here for you'. Whether you take up the services of a medical tourism company or go direct to the hospital or clinic we can be here for you. Hopefully everything turns out alright (usually the case) or maybe there are complications and you need a helping hand to make further arrangements such as contacting relatives or arranging further accommodation for them or yourself if you need an extended stay - we can help


    For more information see our main page: Thailand Medical Companies, Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery


    Surgical Procedures


    Skin Treatments

    • Birthmarks
    • BOTOX
    • Chemical Peel
    • CO2 Laser Treatment
    • Filler Injections
    • Non-ablative Laser Treatment
    • Pigment Specific Laser Treatment
    • Pigmented Lesions
    • Scars
    • Sclerotherapy
    • Skin Treatment
    • Thermage
    • Unsightly Leg Veins
    • Unwanted Hair
    • Unwanted Tattoos
    • Vascular Lesions
    • Vascular Specific Laser Treatment
    • Wrinkles

    If you would like to discuss further about your proposed trip then please send me an email bangkokcompanies@gmail.com



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    Thailand Medical Companies, Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery - you will find lists of medical services from hospitals and clinics involved in the medical business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a hospital or clinic or simply supply a list of these institutions then please email bangkokcompanies@gmail.com

    If you are looking to find a doctor, clinic or hospital in Thailand then please complete the for more information or visit our main site

    Contact Mike at bangkokcompanies@gmail.com for more details        

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